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Swan Imports Perth Western Australia: Cathodic Protection Equipment Australia, Solid State Polarization Cell Replacements, Fink Terminal Enclosures Cathodic Protection Equipment Australia

Swan Imports have access to a large range of cathodic protection equipment from Dairyland Electrical Industries (DEI) and Cott manufacturing .

Our products from DEI include solid state polarization cell replacements (PCR’s) which are able to simultaneously provide DC isolation and AC continuity. These devices are particularly suited for:
  • Protecting insulated joints
  • Mitigation of induced voltage
  • Blocking stray DC voltage

The PCR is available in a variety of ratings depending on the required application.

Over Voltage Protector
The OVP is unlike other "arrester" type products. Instead of a gapped design, the OVP uses solid-state switching components to conduct at very low voltages, providing the best over-voltage protection. Rated for AC fault current as well as high values of lightning surge current, the OVP can be applied to sites where a spark-gap arrester or metal oxide varistor would be inappropriate. The OVP is a totally unique product for the corrosion prevention industry.

Solid-State Decoupler (SSD)

With the SSD line of products, DEI offers decouplers with lower cost and very compact designs. Using proven, solid-state construction, but with new production and packaging techniques, the innovation of the SSD line adds value by lowering the cost of applying protection products to industry. With ratings for AC fault current and lightning, and the ability to pass steady-state AC current, the device outperforms other technologies such as metal oxide varistors, gapped arrestors, and polarization cells. A major application of the SSD is in acting as a "Ground Mat Decoupler," by separating grounding mats from pipelines (to improve cathodic protection) while still providing over-voltage protection for workers.


Cott Equipment – Fink Terminal Enclosures
This terminal enclosure provides a maintenance free housing for all your cathodic protection cable terminations and is available in models to fit 32 to 75mm pipe.