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Gas Stopper Bags

Gas Stopper Bags are used to stop the flow of gas in steel, cast iron and PVC gas pipes operating at pressures of up to 40Kpa. Heavy duty bags are also available for higher pressure specific applications.

We have an extensive range of SARCO STOPPER gas stopper bags that are suitable for most gas stopper applications.

The Goodman Type gas stopper bag is available in sizes 50mm and above and comes complete with a 450mm long neck tube complete with a Shrader valve for inflation purposes. The long neck makes it easy to insert the bag into a gas main through a small hole drilled into the top of the main. This type of stopper is used predominantly for stopping off mains operated at pressures below 75Kpa and for larger diameter mains in excess of 300mm diameter.


The Wask type gas stopper is designed to be used under no-gas conditions and needs to be used in conjunction with the Wask Stopping or similar equipment and is available in sizes 50mm to 350mm. This bag is used to stop off gas mains operating at pressures up to 40Kpa depending on the main size.

Swan Imports also have a range of Sarco Stopper Weld Purge bags in a variety of sizes. The double bagging arrangement allows for the introduction of an inert gas between the bags to create a gas free space.