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Polyethylene Squeeze-off Tools

Swan Imports are able to provide a comprehensive range of tools for squeezing off polyethylene pipes.

A hand operated squeeze-off tool is available from Timberline. This is suitable for small diameter polyethylene pipes. It is simple to use and works on a lever principle. Two sizes are available.
  • 15mm to 25mm diameter
  • 15mm to 50mm diameter


Swan Imports also offers the Maxifuse squeeze-off tools. They come in two models.

For mains 20mm to 63mm diameter, a manual model is available that utilises a threaded T-bar which on rotation advances a squeeze bar to compress the polyethylene pipe. To prevent the pipe being over squeezed, the tool incorporates limit stops for various polyethylene pipe sizes.


For larger pipes a hydraulic squeeze-off tool is also available . This utilises a hydraulic jack that is operated by a ratchet handle. This tool is suitable for pipe sizes from 90mm through 250mm.